“There are moments in our lives; there are moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual.  Such are the moments of our greatest happiness.” – Robert Henri


My artwork portrays different aspects of life such as a memory, a truth, the essence of a passage, a still frame in a film, or the impact of relationships. My work also illustrates an interconnection of what we buy, use, and then discard in our daily lives.  The intended message of my sculpture is one that reflects values and subtle, common happenings as well as internal and external turbulence in our world.  Each of the objects I select bears a story that is retold collectively from a new visual perspective. It is my intention that this new visual perspective will encourage others to see beyond the usual.


I am an intuitive artist drawn to the old, weathered, peeling, and worn. I choose objects based on their unique features, original purpose, and potential to be transformed.   It is these objects themselves that tug a forgotten something loose and steadily guide me in creating an image that unearths inner rumblings. Some acquired items remain whole while others need to be disassembled or altered before being integrated.  I look closely for the presence of pilgrimage, then work and play with them to reveal new messages.  Discovering these individual pieces as well as spending time with them, are the moments of my greatest artistic happiness.  The sculpture is complete when it exhibits balance and a unified expression.